Products on Auction

How the auction works:

-Please select the item or items and bid accordingly.

-You should receive and automatic email if you have been out bid or won the item/products you bid on. 

-Items/products must be paid in full within 36hrs. If not the product/item will go to the previous bidder. 


Pick up/ delivery

-Items/products are to be picked up in Metcalfe On, or near the Ottawa airport with in a week or delivered. 

-Orders  can be delivered in Ottawa 20km radius of the airport see below for pricing.

$25 for orders totaling $75 up to $150 

$10 for orders totaling $150 up to $250 

FREE!! for orders $250 and up. 


Please select local delivery or local pick-up on check out. 

Currently working on shipping across Ontario/Quebec please contact us if you have any questions or would like a quote for shipping. Thank you!!