Aquatop AC/DC battery power airpump

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"The Aquatop AC/DC One Battery Operated Air Pump provides auxiliary air when a main air source fails. It's a reliable back-up air source during a household AC power failure, and can also be used as a portable aerator for fish in transit.


  • Output: 2.5L/min
  • Outlets: 1
  • Power: 0.3W
  • Battery Size: D x 2 (Not Included)
  • Includes 23" of airline and an airstone
  • Includes AC Power Failure Sensor
  • Operates with battery power only

*Note: This pump must have batteries (with charge) within it in order to operate. It cannot run directly from the wall - the wall connection is simply for detecting a loss of power.

*Note: This product will not charge rechargeable batteries."