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What is Unorthodox Reef

Unorthodox Reef located in Ottawa, Canada specializes in aquaculture of corals. We solely frag/culture corals on a need to frag basis. The majority of frags come from our 8'x3' display/grow out tank. As the corals grow they encroach each other and fragging is part of routine maintenance. We also offer wholesale, for wholesale please create an account and contact We are also currently building a fish system so that we can quarantine specialty fish on a demand basis. In the attempt to prevent unnecessary fish losses. We feel as aquarist's, we should begin to think how we all can do better in protecting our reefs and its inhabitants.

Corals For Cancer

Unorthodox Reef wanted to do something different and maybe it will encourage others to follow along. Unfortunately like a lot of others our family was touched heavily by cancer. My father passed away June 23 2020 of stage 4 cancer. In his honour Unorthodox Reef will be donating portions and or proceeds from our swag and corals to the Canadian Cancer Society. Please check out our Corals For Cancer section.


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